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Complex SEO

Complex SEO contains a combination of services necessary to significantly and sustainably increase traffic (visitors) from search engines for websites in competitive market segments.

We will usually start with our Web Presence Audit. Our consultants will take a closer look at your website and whether it is setup to meet your goals from more key angles (content of the website, source code of the website, off-site factors, basic usability, basic accessibility, visibility, findability, online reputation) to identify the steps needed for sustainable improvement of visibility in search engines, activity in social networks and effectiveness of your internet strategy.

Following the Audit we will propose a Complex Optimization Strategy. This strategy is based on the current position of the website, optimization goals and the client’s preferences.

In cooperation with the client we will perform thorough Keyword Analysis to identify the words and phrases effectively combining search popularity and competitiveness. The results of the keyword analysis will be used to improve and better target the website’s content.

We will analyze your back links and incoming links pointing to the sites of your competitors, find new opportunities to gain new links and propose changes to your website’s look and content to make building the backlinks easier.

After consultation and approval of the strategy we will work together on building and improving the content of your web site, the code and building new incoming links to increase and maintain qualified search engine traffic:

  • We will help make changes in the code of your website
  • We will monitor website statistics and analyze the behavior of visitors
  • We will improve the website’s usability to increase user satisfaction
  • We will help modify content of the website and, if needed, prepare new content
  • We will build new quality backlinks for your website
  • We will be available to provide consultation on other issues related to your website’s performance in search engines

We will report to you monthly on the work we have performed, consult with you on progress and further steps and track search engine positions of individual keywords.

Depending on the current state of your website and your goals it may be useful to include further usability and accessibility improvements with Complex SEO.