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Andrej Salner

Sales & Marketing Director

Andrej Salner is currently functioning as the Sales and Marketing Director within Pizza SEO. Additionally he is acting as one of three Senior Consultants in the development of clients’ online marketing strategies, developing marketing apps like cool freeware that could boost the visibility of the brand. Andrej has been working in the online marketing sphere for more than 13 years and holds large experiences in PPC and SEO projects.

Andrej is an Economics graduate from Brandeis University in the US and University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

In 2015 he led an all-day Forbes Think ahead workshop on the topic: “You and your competitors on the Internet? How to stand out?”

Andrej Salner
  • How much does SEO cost?

    June 27, 2017

    How much does SEO cost?

    Our potential clients are often interested in the cost of SEO. In this article we present you the aspects that can have an effect on the total cost of a specific SEO project. Search Combat is a premium SEO Reseller Service Provider. We offer a vast array of DFY SEO services for marketers & business owners as well as Monthly Managed Campaigns for Agency Clients. Focus on your Business Development and other productive processes while we take care of all your legwork & fulfillment needs. Google has the vast majority of search traffic and most of your budget should be placed their, however, you will not want to miss the smaller, yet still considerable potential for customers from search engines like Microsoft's Bing platform, and a small part of the budget should be allocated to other search engines. Also, the very best PPC management companies consultant proposal will also discuss spreading your PPC budget over a number of campaigns aimed at different parts of the customer journey. A small part of the budget should be allocated to the research stage of the buying process when people are using broad search terms to find information, a small part of the budget when people are searching for yours, your competitors or market leaders company name. The majority of the budget when potential customers are using search terms directly related to making a purchase and lastly, a small part of the budget to re-market (show your advertising to people who have shown an interest in your services or products by visiting your website) to capture and drive up conversions from the customers previously advertised too.

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  • 7 Warning Signs You Are Wasting Money on PPC Advertising Management

    October 9, 2013

    Under CC license from Nic Mc Fee on Flickr

    Sadly, this happens to companies big and small: they hire an outside contractor or agency to manage their ads in Google and pay a monthly retainer fee. And pay is all they do. They have no idea whether their campaign is working and what if anything the PPC manager is doing with it. These are […]

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  • How +1 and Like Buttons Steal Your Visitors and What You Can Do About It

    September 20, 2011

    Time matters... Google +1 and Facebook Like buttons increase your page's load time. Research shows that each additional second can cost you literally tens of percents of potential visitors. Our findings that adding the Google +1 button can increase load time by almost a full second is therefore significant.

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  • Opportunity knocking: tool up now to be a newspaper SEO

    December 22, 2008

    Newspapers will become a lucrative niche for SEO. There are signs of print newspaper slowly fading away - two Detroit daily papers are refocusing on digital, as the old model had become "unsustainable". Circulation and advertising revenues are falling for newspapers around the world.

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  • No licence for Flash abuse: SEO and Google indexing Flash

    July 17, 2008

    Google can now index Flash better than before. What this means is that Google can now provide searchers even more information than before – if you look for information only found within a Flash site that Google can read there will be a result where there used to be none.

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