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Andrej Sebestyen, online marketing specialist

Andrej Sebestyén

Analytics Specialist

Andrej Sebestyen has been working on Digital projects and Marketing for last five years. At Pizza SEO he is responsible for Web Analytics, KPI reporting, Campaign Management and Project Management in Web development.

Andrej has studied Geoinformation Technologies at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt and worked as Country Manager of the Austrian branch of the best web hosting company Websupport. Later, he was responsible for the digital activities of Cord Blood Center in five European markets. To get more about App Server Hosting Solutions – ServerMania, you can click here. A dedicated server is itself, the physical piece of hardware that your hosting provider rents to you. It has its own processor, hard drives(s), Random Access Memory (RAM) and bandwidth capability. Your website and its associated software will be hosted exclusively on this dedicated server’s hard drives. Dedicated servers allow you to install and run almost any program. They additionally allow other users, whom you have given access, the ability to connect to your dedicated hosting server and use those same programs at the same time you do. This has made dedicated servers very popular amongst internet gamers. Dedicated gaming servers offer all the same features of regular dedicated hosting servers but they are intended for less serious pursuits. But what are the other benefits of utilizing dedicated servers? That’s certainly a valid question considering that dedicated server hosting costs significantly more than shared or virtual hosting plans. But with the increased cost comes features and benefits that are significantly worth it. There are many benefits of using Dedicated Servers hosting for your high traffic, software intensive website or gaming application. We’ve listed the most important below to steer you in the right direction. Customization: Most dedicated server hosting plans allow you to fully customize or build your own dedicated server. You can therefore select and pay for only the features which you will require. You often will get your choice of operating system software (Windows Server Edition & Linux Redhat being the most popular options). Your choice of such software should be informed by considering which system your web applications will run best on.

This website is among the worlds major companies for all kinds of web hosting solutions. Based in Houston and in Texas the company was a mere start-up from a dorm room at the Florida Atlantic University. It was founded in 2002 when its founder Brent Oxley was pursuing is Master in Computer Sciences in the college. By 2006 it had reached more than 200000 mark in domain registration and was termed as the fastest growing companies in the state. Today HostGator is among the premium hosting solutions available in the market. a web hosting company, is among the world’s major companies for all categories of web hosting solutions. The company was started in 2002 by Brent Oxley while he was studying for his Master’s degree in Computer Sciences. In 2006, HostGator reached more than 200,000 customers. HostGator was recognized as among the fastest growing companies in the state of Texas. Today, HostGator is recognized by their customers as the best web hosting solutions in the market. The reason why HostGator grew so remarkably fast is because it provided innovative hosting solutions to its customers for a relatively low price and because it provided outstanding customer services. These are the hallmarks of successful companies. Innovative web hosting solutions at affordable prices along with outstanding customer services is the root cause of HostGator status of being a favored web hosting company by thousands of their satisfied customers. HostGator offers some of the most excellent solutions in the field of web hosting problems. Its shared hosting plans are inexpensive. Hostgator has the best services as compared to other hosting companies. For example, HostGator hosts a limited number of websites on each server. This benefit enables each website to work to their maximum capacity. HostGator offers virtual private server (VSP) hosting solutions. A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting such as HostGator. VPS runs its own copy of an operating system and customers have super user-level access to that operating system. Hence, a customer can install almost any software that runs on that operating system for many purposes. A virtual private server is effectively equivalent to a dedicated physical server. HostGator dedicated servers are equipped with the best technology and with the best innovative applications together with the lowest cost VPS plans. HostGator virtual private server hosting solutions are on par with industrial websites. HostGator offers hosting plans that are aggressively low priced. The hatchling plan is designed for beginner website builders. This group has fewer resources to deal with. The hatchling plan contains an application that makes it easier for this group to build and host their first website. The baby plan is designed for the website builder who knows about hosting and website building. This plan offers higher bandwidth and hosting space for building and testing untried ideas. HostGator website owners can create a personal blog in both plans. The business plan is designed for the more advanced website builders whose objective is to implement a more vigorous business on their website. As these website builders grow they have the opportunity of eventually moving their business on to HostGator virtual private server Hosting program. Hostgator provides the cPanel which serve as a control of site management. The cPanel has been used by industry experts to control their daily site activities and to guide their business operations to a higher level of operations. HostGator databases which are a fundamental part of the cPanel make HostGator databases the most preferential target for programmers and business owners alike. In short, HostGator dedicated servers provides the best services for their clients. HostGator assist their clients to run vigorous websites with a lot of apps and programs.

A major selling point with dedicated hosting plans is also which control panel to use. Plesk and Cpanel control panels are the most popular choices. Both will allow the hosting of multiple domains and websites but Plesk control panels have proven more popular largely because of their ease of use and their ability to facilitate event management, Postgre SQL, Support Ticketing Systems, various Language Packs and advanced dedicated game server hosting. The benefits of dedicated server hosting are clear. Armed with this knowledge feel free to look around for the cheapest dedicated hosting providers. A reliable dedicated hosting company will provide you with all the above-mentioned options to ensure that your mega website and games are always up and running. Remember, choose only those options which you need in a reliable dedicated server. There is no hard and fast rule for what constitutes reliable dedicated servers : you must carefully decide which options are best suited for the applications which you intend to run. A low cost dedicated server that has all the bandwidth, space and security features to run your programs effectively is the perfect upgrade from a non dedicated server hosting plan. Your dedicated hosting server is yours to customize so do it wisely and cost effectively.

Andrej is certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.







Andrej Sebestyén