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I use PC with Linux operating system. I am a satisfied customer of as well. I was therefore surprsied by the fact that Amazon does not provide music samples for users on Unix and Linux systems.

The sound samples for songs on music CDs are only available in WMA (Windows Media Audio) music format as well as in RA (Real Audio). Microsoft does not support Linux, so you are unable to listen to Windows Media Audio legally. Real Audio Player v10 is available for Linux systems, however Amazon uses the old unsupported RA codec that the current version of real Audio Player does not support.

Now as a Linux user I do not have any options of trying before buying – Amazon does not take me into account when accessing their website. Linux users are intentionally left before the gates of listening to music samples. Amazon website thus have accessibility issues. This is the email I have received from Amazon after multiple requests to clarify the situation (mostly receiveing the standardized FAQ replies):

Currently, our Music store does not offer a version of titles that are Linux compatible. Please note that, currently Linux users couldn’t able to listen to audio samples on Real Player/Windows Media Player.

We do offer many software titles for Linux systems. Just click the “Browse Categories” link at the top of our Software home page ( On the next page, click on the “Linux” link to browse through our list of titles that will work on your system.

We are aware of this issue, and our developers are working on a resolution. At this time, they have not provided us with an exact date when they expect this situation to be resolved, but I would suggest you check back in the near future. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

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