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DokuWiki – Knowledge Base For SEO Companies

What tools do you use for storing (and browsing) internal SEO know how?

We have found the ultimate tool supporting collaboration – a wiki. DokuWiki in particular. DokuWiki is an online collaboration tool allowing anyone to add, edit (and delete) any information required.

We have been using DokuWiki as the internal knowledge base or pool of information instantly available for everyone in Pizza SEO.

What was that page that provided us with that PageRank 6 link? Do you remember the new website you have used for keyword research last time? How do you improve the clickthrough rate for Google Adwords campaign?

Since we got DokuWiki installed, our search for the answers (or the best solution) has ended. Now, we just open Pizza SEO DokuWiki in our browsers and find the exact answers to our questions. And, if it’s not there, just click on “Edit this page” button and add the new information you have found.

DokuWiki requires a server with PHP installed. We recommend using Apache server and having Apache’s mod_rewrite module enabled for nice, clean URLs.

PS: The best thing is that DokuWiki supports UTF-8 encoding and we are able to use our first language (Slovak) that uses the accented characters. Many other PHP wiki applications have pitifully failed this requirement.