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Effective Web Audit – Free for Download

Tens of Slovak and international clients benefitted from our Effective Web Audit, the on-site SEO, basic usability and accessibility tool that we used to provide from 2007 to mid-2009. The audit was our entry-level service but with strong focus on actionable recommendations.

We made updates and improvements to the audit continually
keeping up with changes in search engines, new tools, features and practices. In 2010 many web developers know the basic tenets of optimising their code for search engines. To keep ahead our clients need even more sophisticated analysis and strong, forward looking strategies to build sustainable quality traffic.

In 2010 we therefore designed a completely new audit, the Web Presence Audit (the working title had been the Web Visibility Audit but a Slovak competitor) beat us to this word. The new audit goes even deeper in analyzing clients’ (and their competitors’) overall presence on the web – in social networks, local search results, covering the basics of online reputation management and synergies between paid search engine presentation (PPC) and optimization.

We are therefore sharing our Effective Web Audit, in most respects still valid, with everyone. Website owners and designers can check their sites, and SEOs can compare it to their audit practices (not all of which stand up to scrutiny).

Our Effective Web Audit evaluates your web site in six main parts:

  1. (X)HTML and CSS code – is your code well structured and valid? What kind of layout are you using? What about your CSS and Javascript? Do you have well-titled pages and use META information?
  2. URL addresses structure – do you use friendly URLs? Any duplicate content issues?
  3. Technical issues – is your web site indexed by search engines? Are pages cached and links working? What does your robots.txt file say?
  4. Statistics – do you know your traffic? Do you use Google Webmaster Tools? What are your keywords and their positions? How is your backlink profile?
  5. Accessibility – does your website display properly in every browser? How do text changes impacts your web site? Do text links clearly stand out? How fast does your web site load?
  6. Usability – is your logo positioned properly? Is web site navigation clear? Does the user know at all times what page he is on? should you even build local citations? Do you offer a sitemap? How are your links targeted? Are they well described? Is there meaningful content on your web site? Does your error (page not found) page help or scare people away? Does overall look and feel of your web site agree with its goals?

To download (licensed under Creative Commons Attribution cc by license):

ODT or DOC formats available on request.

See if the Effective Web Audit helps you understand web marketing better. If you require professional internet marketing advice or help contact us.