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What Works on Facebook in Slovakia – Analysis of 52 765 posts by Slovak firms

We collected and sorted over 50 000 posts on Facebook pages of 156 Slovak firms added over two years.

We analyzed what posts and added at what time received fewer or more “likes”, comments and shares. Needless to say these are simply correlations and in no way show causality – the number of likes being driven by the time of publication or type of status. Not only on Facebook but Instagram likes are also giving amazing boosting.

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What did we learn?

  1. Statuses on Facebook added on weekends have on average about 20% more likes than statuses added on work days.
  2. Statuses published between 8 pm and midnight receive the most reactions.
  3. Statuses under 100 characters in length had on average 14% more likes than the average status.
  4. Statuses with images had on average 36% more likes than the average status.
  5. Statuses with tips and tricks for fans had 271% more likes than average.

We have produced a Slovak infographic to illustrate these results (if you like it, do ask us to translate it into English for you, you can also find more detail on the results in our Slovak-language blog post):


Our new methodical approach

We have developed a script using Facebook Graph API to collect publicly available data. We have moved a bit closer to the analysis by Dan Zarella, which motivated this research in the first place.

How did we select pages to include in our sample?

We chose Facebook pages of individual firms according to lists of Slovak and Czecho-Slovak firms on Facebook with the highest number of fans from Social Bakers and Social Numbers.

We included firms with at least 2 000 fans at the time of data collection (early in 2013) and we were able to access their public data. We did not include fan pages and official pages of individuals (e.g. singers, actors, Justin Bieber).

How we processed the data:

  1. We normalized the numbers of likes/shares/comments of each status by the number of fans of the given fan page – a status on a page with more fans is expected to receive more likes on average.
  2. We compared the response to statuses to a fictitious average status normalized by number of page fans, grouping them by number of characters, day and time of publication and the type of status. This allows us to see the advantage or disadvantage over the average status in percent.

To evaluate the content of statuses:

  1. We randomly picked 1 000 statuses from our sample using a random number generator.
  2. We sorted them into one of the following categories: trivia, benefits, comapny information, seasonal statuses, competitions, puzzles, tips and tricks. We also checked whether they contain a “smiley”

The analysis of Facebook statuses was carried out by two of our Online Marketing Assistants Monika Sedliaková and Michal Majerník (who designed the cool infographic) with the support of the whole Pizza SEO team.

If you like the analysis, we have the technology to replicate it for other websites, industry verticals or groups of sites. Also if you are looking for a Slovak online marketing provider or someone to help you manage social media and online public relations, do get in touch.