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In the past few weeks we have been continually increasing the size of one of our web pages. This small experiment is aimed at finding the maximum (highest) size of a webpage Google is presently able to index.

The largest page size Google is able to index and has shown in the Google cache was 977 kilobytes.

Optimization tip: Try to reduce the overall HTML code (use semantic elements only), move CSS styles and Javascript parts in the separate external files.

The size of the webpage is currently (December 21, 2006) over 1 MB and the last time Google indexed the page the size was 970 KB. Page of that size is also fully cached and accessible via Google cache option.

January 9, 2007: Cache size is 977 KB. Current page size is 1,3 MB. Are we hitting the limit Google is able to cache?

January 15, 2007: Cache size is still 977 KB. Current page size is 1,6 MB. It seems Google is unable to go over 1 MB cache limit. We are continually adding new content and Google spiders returns approximately once a week.

Google cache limit is still unknown at this time and we will inform you about any further observations.