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Skype company has introduced Skype Prime service that will allow a receiver of the phone call to charge the caller for the call.

With the Skype, PayPal and eBay websites under one roof, eBay could finally become a marketplace for the service providers, too. This creates a lot of new possibilities for the online marketers – introducing paid calls will allow business around the world to compete on the eBay and charge money for their services simply via Skype. Money paid by the caller are processed directly to the PayPal account of the business owner (receiver of the Skype call).

Internet websites could introduce a new method of the online payment – via Skype. SEO consultants, usability experts and other internet marketing professionals would be able to do the consulting realtime and immediately be paid for the services they provide. Users of the Skype Prime service would be able to charge the fixed fee or per minute fee.

Skype Prime is only available in version 3.1 for Windows and has beta status at the moment.