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Keyword research: Optimization for niche keywords

While there are a lot of useful tools for keyword research and search queries analysis, most of them, including Wordtracker, can come up only with very general and widely used keywords.

Keyword analysis for very specific niche keywords must rely mostly on artistic skill or outside inspiration – you can benefit greatly from using a good Thesaurus.

Traditionally, mining search logs has been a good way of finding some of the more obscure keywords to optimize for. is a new service for webmasters aloowing them to log and track keywords and search queries, visitors used for finding the website. Besides your own websites and keyword analysis, 103bees has recently launched a feature called Honeypot. You can Buy Niche Edits from outreach warriors . They browse extensive relationship network of website owners and blog authors.

Honeypot lists search queries and keywords users found strange or weird in some way. There are often foreign language queries that users are not able to understand. Users of 103bees are able to contribute search terms they found weird or crazy from their own websites. Honeypot is divided into the most popular and the newest weird search terms visitors used. Keywords and phrases submitted to Honeypot are often those that are not immediately obvious to the webmaster, yet are used by larger number of visitors.

Honeypot can therefore be used as a new tool for finding new and interesting niche keywords to better target unexploited opportunities in the search engines.