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Our clients often have two or more Facebook pages used for the same purpose – identical sites representing one company, brand or site. The duplicity exists for a variety of historical reasons or simply by mistake. It makes sense to merge them to be able to manage them and measure their performance more easily.

Facebook allows merging of pages as long as:

  • you are an administrator of all pages you want to merge
  • the name of the duplicate pages are similar enough
  • the pages you want to merge use the same address – whether web or e-mail address (in information on the website)
  • you add the site with fewer fans to the site with more fans

Instructions can be found on Facebook Help pages.

However, the Facebook pages merge function has been broken for some time – everything works as it should, until the moment of final confirmation. Then the settings window disappears and does not give any confirming information. Therefore, we tried to find an alternative solution. And we found it.

To merge Facebook pages you will need:

Then you choose a Facebook page that you want to be preserve, and up to five Facebook pages that you want to merge into it (apply the above conditions for merging pages).

Facebook - how to merge pages (broken, problem, not working)

Facebook – how to merge pages

After submitting the form, you should see the confirmation page that tells you what is going on – the response will arrive shortly to your Facebook registration email address, and you have to respond to continue the action.

Facebook - how to merge pages

Facebook – how to merge pages

We have managed to merge the pages without any further communication with Facebook. We did not received any confirmation email – wheteher the pages were successfully merged so we had to keep checking back to see the result.

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