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Merging of Facebook Pages Does Not Work – Workaround

Facebook - how to merge pages workaround

Our clients often have two or more Facebook pages used for the same purpose – identical sites representing one company, brand or site. The duplicity exists for a variety of historical reasons or simply by mistake. It makes sense to merge them to be able to manage them and measure their performance more easily. Facebook […]

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Do EXIF tags have impact on Google?

A photographer friend of mine contacted me a few months ago with a big dilemma. He read in an internet discussion that the indexed images in Google Images are affected by keywords inserted into the picture, known as EXIF (IPTC).

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Please, Make Basecamp Even More Usable!

Usability problem

Update September 28, 2012: problem fixed, popover window stays open as it should. Basecamp is a project management web app by 37 Signals - Pizza SEO depends on it. You can assign individual to-dos (tasks) to different people and also set a deadline for a to-do, so they will receive an email notification about it.

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