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I use PC with Linux operating system. I am a satisfied customer of as well. I was therefore surprsied by the fact that Amazon does not provide music samples for users on Unix and Linux systems.

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Keepon Dancing Robot

Successful viral marketing is getting tougher and tougher every day and requires great powers of invention and innovation. Keepon dancing robot created by Hideki Kozima and programmed by Marek Michalowski reacts to the music vibrations (or sound vibrations to be correct).

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How To Get PageRank 7 Backlink?

Everybody knows getting PR 7 link back to your website is pretty difficult, right? Wrong. It's really easy on April 5. Why this exact day? Because April 5 is the annual CSS Naked Day organized by Dustin Diaz.

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Not important to SEO today, tomorrow and the day after?

UPDATED June 14, 2007 Jill Whalen of provided a list intended to bust myths about factors affecting search engine rankings in her latest e-mail newsletter. The list covers a number of widespread beliefs on things that supposedly hurt rankings but do not, in Jill's view, make any real difference.

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DokuWiki – Knowledge Base For SEO Companies

What tools do you use for storing (and browsing) internal SEO know how? We have found the ultimate tool supporting collaboration - a wiki. DokuWiki in particular. DokuWiki is an online collaboration tool allowing anyone to add, edit (and delete) any information required.

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Internet Marketing Through Skype Prime

Skype company has introduced Skype Prime service that will allow a receiver of the phone call to charge the caller for the call. With the Skype, PayPal and eBay websites under one roof, eBay could finally become a marketplace for the service providers, too.

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Search the Top Engines in One Click

Is it possible to search all the top engines in one click? Interestingly, there are plenty of users trying to search for the solution to this powerful method of finding webpages. Would this include searching Google, Yahoo, MSN and maybe also Amazon's A9? It would be possible, indeed.

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