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Pizza SEO presents at BlueAlliance founding workshop

Pizza SEO co-founds BlueAlliance – alliance of Central European Google Premier Partner agencies

Pizza SEO has co-founded BlueAlliance – a Central and East Europe alliance of independently owned, award-winning Google Premier Partner digital marketing agencies. 

BlueAlliance is a partnership for international cooperaion of nine certified Google Premier Partner agencies from Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Ukraine, who all count among leaders in their respective local markets.

Our clients gain access to local digital marketing support, market knowledge and services through our alliance partners.

Signing of the agreement following over a year of preparations helps us fulfill our vision “To reach the highest European levels in effective use of performance channels for ambitious Slovak and European companies.”

The alliance enables Pizza SEO and its alliance partners to offer digital marketing services of consistent quality across all the main CEE markets. It will also strengthen partnership activities and knowledge exchange on local markets and local shopping habits in individual countries.

BlueAlliance connects agencies with similar values, mission and specialisation. BlueAlliance members are independent businesses with extensive experience in digital marketing – all are certified as Google Premier Partners, the highest achievable level of Google AdWords advertising certification.

Agencies that have signed the agreement work in similar areas across their markets: digital analytics, SEO, paid search, online advertising and social media.

Founding members of the BlueAliance:

BlueAlliance was established to help clients of all participating agencies meet objectives related to development and expansion in CEE markets. The partnership agreement was signed during a knowledge and experience sharing workshop in the headquarters of Bluerank (Lodz, Poland) at the end of August. Representatives of Google Poland took part in the meeting.

“The alliance of independent local agencies with certified quality allows international clients to effectively scale digital campaigns. Each partner belongs among the best qualified marketing agencies in their respective market,”

Pizza SEO Managing Partner Andrej Salner said.

For further information on BlueAlliance CEE activities please contact:

Zbigniew Nowicki, Managing Director Bluerank


Tel: +48 502 593 293

Slovak BlueAlliance member agency:

Pizza SEO, s.r.o.



Tel: 02/52 444 196, 0915/894 049