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Throughout very intensive five days, we were able to visit 3 online marketing agencies. Read below about what experiences we have made and what new knowledge we have gained!

Almost exactly one year after the first visit, we returned to Romania to gain further valuable experiences about the online marketing world. Last time around our Head of Sales Rudo Hric visited the DWF agency in Bucharest, Romania’s capital, by himself. This year Rudo was joined by myself, SEO specialist Imro Petro, as well as our senior consultant Jano Laurencik.

Why did we go to Romania?

As part of the development of Pizza SEO and its employees, we have decided to collaborate with several European agencies, with which we want to exchange gained experiences and know-how. Romania is a huge and interesting market with high potential and as we have made great experiences with the Romanian agencies in the past, we decided to visit this destination again.

The goal of expanding our knowledge and enhancing our services beyond the borders of Slovakia is supported by our membership in the newly formed Alliance of Digital Agencies ‘BlueAlliance’, of which one of the agencies with visited is also a part of. The main function of the BlueAlliance is to help clients of membership agencies to successfully expand into CEE markets with high quality campaigns, as well as promoting the exchange of knowledge between the partner agencies themselves.

How does the Romanian online market look like?

  • In terms of population, Romania is the 7th biggest EU country, while Bucharest is the 6th largest city in the EU.
  • Romania’s population is 19.94 million people. The population of Bucharest is 1.9 million.
  • Approximately 56% of people have access to the Internet – 11.2 million.
    (In Slovakia 81% – 4.4 million).
  • There are approximately 5,000 e-shops in Romania. (In Slovakia 9000).
  • E-commerce market reached € 1.8 billion in 2016. Compared to 2015, this is an increase of 30%.
  • Ecommerce customers in Romania made about 8 transactions per person in 2016.
  • Card payments are steadily growing, but the most popular form of payment is still cash on delivery.


The start of the trip and our visit to the DWF agency

Our journey started in the early hours of the Monday morning on the way to Schwechat Airport, in Vienna. At the airport, we went over our to-do-list and discussed what the main topics were that we wanted to get answers to, checked the gifts for our partner agencies and took the flight towards Romania.

Once we touched down In Bucharest, we left the airport and headed directly to the SEO agency DIGITAL WORKFORCE. The owners of Sorin Draghici and Mihai Vinatoru, who founded the agency in 2014, warmly welcomed us in their agency. Currently, their team has about 20 members, who are managing nearly 100 clients. In Romania they rank among the top SEO agencies, which can be traced back to their team’s well managed organization, as well as their own PR activities such as presentations at various conferences or appearances in TV segments.

While we were most interested to learn about their organization of work as well as team management and leadership, our colleagues from Bucharest were mainly interested in learning about our internal education processes, the frequency of employee feedbacks and corporate culture.

Lunch with DWF

Lunch with DWF

Along with several discussions with DWF, we spent a lot of time with their SEO specialists and content creators. In SEO, and especially in the case of link-building activities, they exploit the huge potential of the Romanian market, which offers them much more opportunities than we have them in Slovakia. Their focus on the use of local media to create and retrieve backlings was very noteworthy to us.

In addition to formal meetings, we also strengthened the inter-agency relationships after work with a couple of glasses of wine. Within the DWF, we would like to especially thank Ana, who was very hospitable and made sure to accompany us and care for us throughout the entire duration of our stay.

WebDigital only works four days a week!

The next stop was WebDigital, a BlueAlliance membership agency that specializes in PPC. Here our guides were the agency’s partners of Ionuţ Munteanu and Mihai Andrei.

Hanging with Webdigital

Hanging with Webdigital

On the very first evening, we were invited to join them to a networking event of the Dutch-Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

They showed the unusual work approach of their PPC specialists. None of them have “their” own clients. Account managers (or client relationship managers) place jobs or specific tasks on their internal system, and their PPC specialists then take on various tasks based on priorities and importance. The main advantage of this type of work allocation is, that the PPC specialist, who takes on a specific task, focuses on the perfect execution of that particular task. The responsibility and pressure to ensure satisfactory campaign results at this agency lies with the Account Managers who need to ensure that all tasks are being done on time and at the desired quality level.

The agency WebDigital in Romania gained popularity as it introduced free Mondays to its employees. According to the management team, the employees are so effective that they only need to work four out of five days a week to meet all their work requirements. Who would not say yes to an extended weekend right? Next to an increased employee satisfaction, WebDigital also profited from free extensive media coverage that discussed their unusual employee benefits in great detail.

Nudity and cats in Canopy

On Friday, we made a short stop at the PPC Agency Canopy. PPC Specialist. Cristian Ignat, briefly explained to us how he succeeded to build brand awareness of his new agency within Romania within a fairly short time; he got naked. At Canopy the eight employees are being are receiving company from three hunky cats.

Chief Smiles Catnopyst

Chief Smiles Catnopyst

Yes, we also experienced this in Romania

Most of our leisure time was spent with our friends from the aforementioned agencies.

Three experiences, that we will not forget:

  • Karaoke is very popular in Bucharest. We tried it, and don’t regret it.
  • We taught the locals to to drink B52. Really!!
  • We met a local celebrity! The chef of Bucharest’s Benihana came in 2nd in Romania’s version of Masterchef and also made an appearance in the X-Factor.

We are already looking forward to other upcoming trips that we or other colleagues from Pizza SEO will be undertaking. Poland and another member of the BlueAlliance, Bluerank, is calling.