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Search the Top Engines in One Click

Is it possible to search all the top engines in one click? Interestingly, there are plenty of users trying to search for the solution to this powerful method of finding webpages.

Would this include searching Google, Yahoo, MSN and maybe also Amazon’s A9? It would be possible, indeed.

Such website would either provide the service in dirt cheap old school way of allowing user to enter the search term in the search field and click once. The website would then just show the four search engines in the frames below the search field, listing the search engine results of each one.

Other, more powerful, way of providing the top search engine results, would aggregate the results and display them sorted somehow. This would require some use of the scripting languages such as PHP, Ruby or Python.

Some meta search engines such as MetaCrawler or Dogpile allow users to search the top engines in one click to see the aggregated results. Search results of the both engines include Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.