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Do EXIF tags have impact on Google?

A photographer friend of mine contacted me a few months ago with a big dilemma. He read in an internet discussion that the indexed images in Google Images are affected by keywords inserted into the picture, known as EXIF (IPTC).
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Effective Web Audit – Free for Download

Effective Web Audit was name of our on-site SEO, basic usability and accessibility audit that we used to provide to our clients from 2007 to mid-2009. We provided the audit to tens of both international and Slovak clients as our entry service.
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Opportunity knocking: tool up now to be a newspaper SEO

Newspapers will become a lucrative niche for SEO. There are signs of print newspaper slowly fading away – two Detroit daily papers are refocusing on digital, as the old model had become “unsustainable”. Circulation and advertising revenues are falling for newspapers around the world.
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Not important to SEO today, tomorrow and the day after?

UPDATED June 14, 2007 Jill Whalen of provided a list intended to bust myths about factors affecting search engine rankings in her latest e-mail newsletter. The list covers a number of widespread beliefs on things that supposedly hurt rankings but do not, in Jill's view, make any real difference.
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