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Twitter Beats Facebook in Bringing Loyal Listeners, Slovak Radio Finds

Radio_FM Slovakia logoRadio_FM, Slovak public radio’s alternative channel found that marketing to a smaller group of Twitter followers brings more loyal listeners than communicating with its much larger Facebook audience. Radio Waves can guide you for better way of marketing on radio.

Radio_FM compared the time spent listening to its online stream of people coming to its site via its Twitter and profile on Facebook. Listeners who came from Twitter contributed more to increasing the average time spent listening to the radio’s stream than the five times larger but less involved Facebook group, Radio_FM director Dušan Vančo reported on his blog (in Slovak).

Dušan Vančo, CEO of Radio_FM SlovakiaHe also wrote that they used a focus group composed of Facebook fans to fine tune how they communicate online without alienating their audience.

What do your analytics show? How many Facebook friends is one of your Twitter followers worth?