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Usability recommendations for Choqok Twitter client

Choqok is an open source micro-blogging client for K Desktop Environment (KDE) on Linux. As of version 0.6.6 it supports the popular Twitter and services. Daniel Duriš, senior consultant of Pizza SEO, uses Choqok and decided to make it better by providing free recommendations on the usability improvements to the Choqok developers.

Main screen / New tweet textbox

Display the whole box on click, not on key-down.
Reasoning: The size of box is seen as limiting for first-time users of Choqok. Also it is small (one line
textbox), compared to the sizes of other Twitter clients.

Main screen / Posting new status

I would recommend adding traditional icon showing some kind of network activity (circle with small dot going around or similar) to be layered over the tweet textbox (some kind of opacity should be added, so it partly hides the textbox) on posting.
Reasoning: No dynamic indication of message posting occurs. If larger image is attached to the tweet and tweet posted, only Statusbar (if enabled) indicates messages is being posted.

Main screen / Flow of tweets

Tweet on mouseover
I would go for having only two larger icons RE: and RT side by side and moving Favourite “star” to the top right of the tweet.
Reasoning: Icons (Reply etc.) look very small and blurred (specially on higher resolutions).

Flow of tweets / Retweet icon

I would recommend changing it possibly to some kind of classic or double arrow directed to the right.
Reasoning: RT icon looks like a recycling, which is usually related to the delete/erase action.

New tweets count in parentheses

Hide new tweets count on restoring Choqok (or maximizing it), not on minimizing.
Reasoning: New tweets count in the parentheses is hidden only when Choqok is minimized. Users should
not be forced to minimize Choquok (or press CTRL+R) to stop it from displaying number of new tweets, replies or direct messages.

related: Settings

Have an option to “Include replies in Home”.
Have an option to “Include direct messages in Home”.
Have an option to “Merge Inbox and Outbox into Dms”.
Reasoning: Hiding unnecessary tabs (if user chooses so) saves space and make Choqok look cleaner and simple.

related: Tabs

These actions are related to the settings as described above.
In case “Include replies in Home” option in Settings is checked, delete this tab as it would be redundant.
In case “Include direct messages in Home” option in Settings is checked, delete these tabs as they would be redundant.
In case “Merge Inbox and Outbox into DMs” option in Settings is checked, display only one tab “DMs” (alternatively Directs” or “Direct messages”.

Merging direct messages’ Inbox and Outbox

I recommend Inbox and Outbox tabs to be merged.
Reasoning: Merging enables user to follow up easier on the mutual communication. Alternatively, threading could be introduced, with last message shown as the larger one with other DMs belonging to the same conversation moved to the right under the latest DM from/to the same person. Left margin should be set to some value to put older DMs under the new one.

Main screen / Statusbar

Status bar should be disabled by default.
Reasoning: Statusbar does not add any informational value to the tweet list (flow of tweets) or when
browsing menu. Last update time could be optionally displayed next to “You and your friends” text in the
parentheses, e.g. (5m ago, no new tweets), (10m ago, 5 new tweets). A tooltip could be displayed on
mouseover with additional information: “Last updated 5m ago. 5 new tweets, 2 replies, 3 DMs”.

Download the full report

You can download the full report in PDF format (143 KBs). The report contains recommendations on usability improvements to Choqok Twitter client as well as more information on Pizza SEO and what we do.