We often receive questions about our company name – why in the world would someone call a SEO company Pizza SEO?

After we had agreed to start one of Slovakia’s first SEO consultancies in the beginning of 2006, we had thought long and hard about a good name – one that would work both in our home market and leave room for international work. We thought the name should contain SEO as it stands for the search engine optimization, our core area of work. Trying different phrases and finding no agreement between the four founders even after multiple rounds of beer, I finally said in exasperation: “We might as well call it Pizza SEO, huh?” Everybody was surprised for a moment, but then we realized we had stumbled upon a winner. After all, everybody likes Pizza…

So there it was and it became official – we are Pizza SEO.

  • Dharamendra Pardhi

    A company that communicates with you in ways that you’re used to – not in ‘tech-speak’. A company focused on building long term client relationships, based on value and trust. A company that maintains an unparalleled commitment to deliver the highest levels of service and attention to detail within our industry.

  • Amit Verma

    Nice name you have..

    So, how’s the business upto now?

  • webandrank

    I like the name well done

  • sandy

    really nice name.. I was just thinking how it sound if its is something else BurgerSEO or hotdogSEO

    your company name is really unique but when non tech savvy person will hear this name he will think you sell Pizza

    well its just my opinion please don’t take seriously, i do not intent to heart any once feeling

  • Jerry

    heart any once feeling = hurt any one’s feelings

  • statesman software

    do u really think that everyone like Pizza. I found so many that doesn’t like it. But best of luck for work. I am also working in SEO from last 3 yr. and think beyond the Search engine..