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Ivan Vajda

Graphics Designer

Ivan Vajda joined Pizza SEO in August of 2017. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in marketing communication at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnave. Despite having completed a bachelor’s degree in mass media communication, Ivan always felt more drawn to the field of marketing and graphic design.

The importance of marketing and graphic design to a business. It made sense, that’s why there are so many “dirtbag” style graphic designers in the world. They also believe that the business will get even smarter after working with a graphic designer instead of a graphic artist. But why do they do it? Well it’s because the business is more efficient, efficient, efficient. If you hire someone to design the logo for you, it costs you more to hire a graphic designer, or a graphic designer, than it does to hire a graphic artist to make the logo. It doesn’t cost a lot to hire a designer either, since there are services as the graphic design agency Melbourne which could help with this. The graphic design process takes less than 3 hours. A graphic artist will take up to 10.

Within Pizza SEO Ivan functions as a part-time graphic designer. Besides working on client projects, Ivan also is an integral part of the internal marketing activities of our agency.

Ivan Vajda