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Offer for local business

Offer for Local Businesses

I want to be a local online leader!

It is important for a local business such as a pizzeria, coffee shop or local hardware store to be visible in local searches such as “pizzeria greenwich nyc”, “hardware store san francisco”, “cafe geary st.”.  Using locally targeted optimization or a locally targeted pay per click campaign, we will make your website more visible to your “neighbors”.

We recommend these services for your local business:

  • registration on Google places / local results (or profiles editing)
  • exact setting of website analytics and their ongoing analysis (goals)
  • search engine optimization for the keywords related to your location
  • online ad campaign (in Google Adwords, Facebook) targeting your location (region, district, city, street)
  • basic usability and accessibility (people will look for you on a variety of devices)

We can work for your local business from 150 € per month.