Mária Šlachtičová

Project Manager

Maria has started to work with Online marketing in 2013 as a Marketing Communication Trainee at NATEK. Then she has managed the Creation of Web Projects and Online marketing at BSP application. At Pizza SEO she takes care of Key Existing Clients satisfaction.

Maria is certified by HubSpot Inbound Certification Academy, Social Media Marketing shoot with ME Academy, copywriting from Pricemania Academy. Extending Online Education with the DIGIsemestr course in Brno.

Mária Šlachtičová
  • Pizza SEO’s trip to Romania

    November 27, 2017

    Travelers Pizza SEO

    Throughout very intensive five days, we were able to visit 3 online marketing agencies. Read below about what experiences we have made and what new knowledge we have gained! Almost exactly one year after the first visit, we returned to Romania to gain further valuable experiences about the online marketing world. Last time around our […]

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  • How much does SEO cost?

    June 27, 2017

    How much does SEO cost?

    Our potential clients are often interested in the cost of SEO. In this article we present you the aspects that can have an effect on the total cost of a specific SEO project. At the outset, SEO projects usually require several analyses and the creation of a strategy. While parts of the analysis are based […]

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  • How to tell if your competition is spending more than you on online campaigns?

    May 3, 2017

    It's fun to see how sensitive every business owner, marketer and, at times even a general employee is to the activities of the competition of his company. In this article I will introduce you a great tip that will either delight you, make you angry or give you a reason to start paying closer attention to your competitors. In any case, you will want to use it!

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  • Should you create a new website, or optimize your current one?

    April 13, 2017

    Hairdresser - incremental changes on the website

    A website generally benefits more from incremental changes to its layout, than from a total makeover. In some cases, however a new website is the most appropriate solution. In this article I discuss some aspects that you should consider before taking a decision to renew your old web, or setup a completely new website.

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