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Patrik Barták, consultant

Patrik Barták

Strategy Director

Patrik Barták has studied psychology. In his diploma thesis he focused on the influence of the personality structure on the perception of social media marketing.

He has been working at Pizza SEO since 2012. At the beginning, he specialized in social media marketing and later he led Social media team. He has also worked as UX consultant, between 2015 and 2017 he was the leader of the UX / Web team. In 2015 he took part in a UX training in London focused on visual design for UX.

As Strategy Director Patrik consults and creates digital marketing strategies for key agency clients. He has experience with long-term cooperation with clients, as well as with short-term campaigns for Slovakia and foreign markets.

He lectures on social networks at Slovak Truniversity – a venture in online marketing education.

Patrik Barták
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