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Global marketing of a new startup

In the first two years of its existence, we cooperated intensively with the Slovak startup We advised on the setup of online marketing strategies and afterwards implemented activities for global markets as well as specifically for Slovakia. We ran PPC campaigns in English, Russian, Spanish and Slovak. We created content for selected landing-pages. Additionally, we also executed user testing for the UK market and a heuristic usability analysis of the website, and we also help your site with SEO services from the Kansas City SEO Agency Hundreds of Customers LLC services.

Lukáš Alner, CEO,

“From the start has operated with a global scope and with global ambitions. We were looking for a local agency that could help a small start-up team to come up with an online strategy as well as executing it. In Pizza SEO we found a surprisingly useful partner – they helped us with PPC, UX research, content creation SEO and marketing which is essential to promote businesses, and there are also other tools like the best push notifications network which will help you promoting your site. Moreover, they also helped us select, set up and manage cooperation with other international agencies, when the need arose.”