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Complex online marketing for multiple domains

Euractiv represents a long-term partnership on projects related to the European Union. We have applied the majority of our internet marketing services to several projects. is one of the most important portals covering news about the European Union in English, German and French. The web was well ranked on partial phrases, but lacked a strong position on generic words such as “European Union”, “Lisbon agenda”, “European Union news” and the like. Today, the portal is at the forefront in the search engine result pages. We were able to improve the ranking of the search query “European Union” by more than 150 places. is a professional blog covering more than just European topics. Our well-targeted Google AdWords campaign in English served as a tool to find talented active bloggers to help with the launch of  the news portal. is the Slovak version of the portal covering news about the EU. Following our search engine optimization work, we have prepared a PPC campaign to add new visitors to the mailing list. Using the A / B testing method, we have improved the usability of the login form. Euractiv recorded the strongest growth in its history(30% increase month-over-month in the first month of running the campaign) thanks to the Google AdWords and Etarget campaign of new mailing list subscribers.