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Fleming Europe

Online PPC campaign with tight targeting

Fleming Europe organizes various conferences, work shops and webinars all around the world. During the preparation of the Small Scale LNG Forum we have helped Flemig Europe to create an advertising campaign in Google Adwords and Bing Ads with very specific and narrow targeting focusing specifically on locations with harbours. For a few weeks after the launch of the campaign, we had been trying out different campaign settings until we found the right one that would bring us visitors willing to register for the conference. Together with Fleming Europe we have discovered the most suitable time range when to start with an advertising campaign for a specific time-limited event that can be applied universally to other campaigns in the future, using the right white label marketing companies, you can check out White Label Reviews and find the best companies for this.

Daniela Polomská (Group Marketing Technologies Manager)

Daniela Polomska - Fleming Europe“The cooperation with Pizza SEO has given us a whole new perspective on PC campaigns, which have always been a part of our biggest projects. Our joined discussion has brought us new and interesting ideas that we plan to use in new PPC campaigns for the conference in the following years. We were very satisfied with the cooperation with Pizza SEO, since we have found inspirations and incorporated some of the most important factors influencing web design in the creation and structure of our new webpage.”