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Online strategy for Slovak market

We consulted on the online market entry strategy for the Slovak market for Kochabo, an innovative service delivering ingredients with recipes for cooking food at home.

We also prepared the proposal of a new Slovak brand, as the German name, Kochabo (abbreviation from “kochen abonierung” or cooking subscription), was not understandable in Slovak. We organized a focus group on brand names to find out more about consumers’ preferences.

Our favorite name, (cook at home), was popular among participants of the focus group and convinced Kochabo as well.

“Pizza SEO organized and held focus group for us that provided us with inspiration and valuable information about our potential customers in Slovakia. Pizza SEO also designed some creative brands for our service that were tested as a part of the focus group in combination with our existing company logo. We have selected and are using the brand (Cook at home), which appealed most to our potential customers.”

Monika Mikulová, Kochabo