Daily communication which builds a relationship with customers

NorthFinder, a leading Slovak outdoor clothing brand, asked Pizza SEO to help build a strong and relevant audience on Facebook. We increased the number of fans by 500% in 18 months with strong engagement.

“Nowadays we feel a strong need and necessity to present our brand interactively through social media. It’s a perfect way to be in active touch with our end consumers, inform them about the latest developments and to be informed about their needs. But orientation in this exponentially growing spider web is not easy, so we decided to entrust Pizza SEO with this difficult task. Considering the portfolio and experience of the Pizza SEO team, we believed that it was the right decision and during our long-term relationship this has clearly been confirmed. They have built a wide and high quality audience to communicate with and that gives us a significant competitive advantage in our business.”

Roman Ornst (CMO, NorthFinder)