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Tatra banka

Improved content & greater visitor satisfaction

In 2014, we conducted an usabilty analysis of Tatra banka’s internet banking. Our recommendations are intended to help simplify the use of Internet banking for all types of users.

Júlia Gregáňová (Department of Support and Development of Internet Banking):

“The usability analysis has allowed us to look at the Internet banking application in terms of learning, efficiency, error rate and subjective satisfaction. The analysis results have confirmed many of our assumptions and also have shown us a great deal of room for developing and improving the usability of our Internet banking. We plan to implement the selected comments and recommendations from Pizza SEO.”

Tatra Banka, a.s., one of Slovakia’s largest retail banks, has already used our services several times. Most recently, in early 2012 we carried out auditing, testing and analysis of the bank’s new website before its launch to help with search engine optimization, usability and accessibility.

Pamela Babuščáková (Department of Communication and Brand Strategy):

pamela-babuscakova“The optimization of new Tatra Banka sites for search engines is based on the expertise and long-time experiences of Pizza SEO. Implementing the results of SEO audits allows us to increase the visibility of Tatra Banka in the search engines. We believe that due to the consultation with Pizza SEO, Tatra Banka’s new websites are more accessible for our clients and more convenient to use.”