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Web Presence Audit

Examining SEO and overall visibility

A Web Presence Audit pinpoints the issues in your Internet presentation. In addition to the state of your website, the Audit covers overall visibility in search engines, activity in social networks and the effectiveness of your Internet strategy.

It is the best starter product for our clients – it will help focus your attention on effective Internet strategies to support broader business goals. The output of our audit is a detailed report. It begins with a summary of key recommendations and covers all major aspects of your web presentation.

Our team will be glad to explain the audit process to you and assist with implementing the recommendations.

Here are some of the areas we analyze in a Web Presence Audit:

  1. Web content: Does the content of the web correspond to its goals, the competition and its Internet marketing needs? Do visitors find what they are searching for?
  2. Code: Can search engines read your code? We will examine the content structure of your website, quality of code, structure of the URLs and layout.
  3. Keywords: Do you use the right, most effective keywords?
  4. Statistics: How do you collect and process visitor statistics? Do you exploit available information on visitor behavior?
  5. Backlinks: Do you exploit opportunities to gain quality backlinks? What strategies are your competitors using? Are you taking full advantage of your internal link potential?
  6. Organic search: Do you know how your web appears in search engines? We will analyze the visibility in search engines and the potential for increasing relevant traffic.
  7. Visibility, findability, reputation: What do people see when they search for your topics? What do they think of the results when searching for you, your staff, products and services?
  8. Basic usability: Can visitors reach your goals on your site? Is the navigation working?
  9. Basic accessibility: Can all potential clients get to your content? Does your website display correctly on tablets, mobile browsers, older computers and for older or disabled visitors?

Ask for our Web Presence Audit today and start to realize your full potential on the Internet!